Zoopla summary of government report

Ambiguous 104 page government report droning on about the house market neatly summarised by zoopla. Good news! They’re thinking about it. And there’s a regulator and more control for tenants. Interesting is the lifetime isa with a 25 percent bonus. Just don’t ask how you will get your money out again. They give with one hand and take with the other! Link herewith

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New will writing service

We are please to show you a trial of our new will writing service. Since the case of Ilott v Mitson solicitors and legal advisors are concerned about drafting wills correctly. We have a duty to advise you about who to include in the will. If you want a properly drafted will then we have to carry out a detailed investigation and give you advice about who

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Celebrity critical of the housing market. Stop press!

Celebrity property person critical of the uk housing market, with a photograph courtesy of the Telegraph in the context of a review. Is the housing market broken or is the housing market working properly with a limited supply… The lack of supply of houses forcing up prices in the south of England is a rational thing. Arguably the market is not broken but skewed in favour

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