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Details of the firm’s fee earners – Law Society ‘Transparency’ Rules page

* NB all prices exclude VAT and disbursements (costs incurred on your behalf)

Anna Needham  – joined firm over 20 years ago and has worked her way through the system gaining legal qualifications and now practices conveyancing for the legal department. Anna is ahighly highly experienced and enthusiastic member of the team.

David Buchanan – Solicitor and Director of the firm. David specialises in commercial and residential property, wills and probate, private client work and litigation.

Stephanie Buchanan – Solicitor and Director of the firm with over 40 years experience in legal matters and property and estate agents work.

Fiona Sutton – Estate Agent and Director of the firm responsible for all estate agency matters. The firm is an ‘ABS’ (Alternative Business Structure) with two regulated activities and Fiona manages the other part of the business.

Estate Agency and Sales – combined with free conveyancing fees – if we act as your solicitors and estate agents we will carry out all of conveyancing for free if and when your property sells (subject to terms and conditions). If we start legal work and your property does not sell for any reason then we charge only for the conveyancing.

Other legal fees – For legal work – We offer both fixed fee and hourly rate work depending on your instructions and which is best for your circumstances. There is a residential conveyancing calculator below – 90% of our requests for quotes for legal work relate to residential conveyancing. The quote calculator assumes you want a timed bill and gives you an estimate depending on the price of the house. If you would like a fixed fee please put this in your quote or email to us. Fixed fees are best for a specific purpose e.g. selling a house where you can be sure at the outset of what is required to complete the sale. Timed bills are best where you want to cover all bases or if you have a bespoke problem that requires a detailed investigation of your case e.g. a bespoke lease for commercial premises, dividing up land for development or correcting title defects (i.e. where there is a problem with your legal title).

Areas of work and fees we cover…

Conveyancing Residential – quote calculator link

Leasehold property – Please note many properties (especially those in the northwest of England) are owned as 999 years leases with a nominal ground rent. We treat these leases like freeholds but you may need to pay the freeholder Landlord “administration charges”. Each landlord charges different fees and they change from time to time so there is no way of knowing what these will be upfront. We will inquire during the conveyancing and you will be informed before you buy the property.  Other leases for flats or properties with common parts require additional work and we usually charge  £210 for these checks (e.g. fire safety certificates and service charge investigations).

Conveyancing Commercial – we charge on a time basis only.

Intestacy & Probates 

Obtaining a grant of probate only – we charge a fee for time spent on the file. We do offer fixed fees if the work is  straight forward but this is at the firms discretion.

Full administration of the estate  – Law Society rates  – 1% of realty (non land), 0.05% of land and a fee for the time spent. This means we handle the entire case from start to finish including investigating the estate and inheritance tax, applying for a grant of representation or probate, identifying all the beneficiaries and distributing the funds. This can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a year or more.

Wills & Powers of attorney – For a simple power of attorney for property and affairs we offer a fixed fee of £300. We offer discounts  for a 2nd, 3rd & 4th lasting powers where all the documents have the same information i.e. they all mirror each other so there is no additional drafting. For more complicated bespoke powers with additional limitations, guidance and conditions we charge for the time spent on the file e.g conditions where two attorneys signatures are required in one circumstance but only one signature is required in another. For wills prices start at £210 plus VAT and disbursements depending on the complexity of the will and we charge on a time basis. Life interest wills are very popular now as a legitimate way of planning your estate and inheritance and mitigating your exposure to social care costs.

Litigation – We charge for time and we do not carry out fixed fee work. We specialise in chancery litigation e.g. disputed wills, probate and inheritance matters.

For all other matters we charge on a time basis – please ring or email for a quote – the firm’s hourly rate is £210 however we are very generous with our time and we take great care with our work!

Our complaints procedurelink herewith

– NB prices can change without further notice!

How to calculate “Disbursements” (Costs which you incur in your case)

Click on the link below and enter the value of the transaction (or check if there is flat fee) – Preparing estimates is not easy and were are here to help, or use our fee calculator above.

Links for court fees – https://www.gov.uk/court-fees-what-they-are
Links for SDLT calculation – https://www.gov.uk/stamp-duty-land-tax/residential-property-rates
Links for Probate fees – https://www.gov.uk/wills-probate-inheritance/applying-for-a-grant-of-representation
Link for HMLR fees – http://landregistry.data.gov.uk/fees-calculator.html

Lasting Power of Attorney court fees are usually £82 per form

Probate Registry Fees are usually £155 plus £1 per extra office copy of a grant of representation

SDLT returns are £6 per application

Bank TT fees are £20 bank charge

HMLR Office copy documents start at £3.

S.27 Trustee Act notice (for probate or intestacy) between £80 and £200 altogether as an estimate as prices vary from time to time and between agencies.

Published on 5th December 2018 – prices may change without notice.

Complaints procedure here also  >> click here